We’re making Ahi Tuna Tataki Salad with Chef Jim Kim of Ichiban Restaurant.INGREDIENTS

WAAA grade Ahi tuna




Bed of greens

Red onion


Sesame seed

Japanese Mayo

Salad dressing: white Miso paste, fresh OJ, brown sugarSTEPS

Make the salad dressing in advance and put aside to toss the green salad.

Pat dry the tuna, then seared the tuna in a pan with olive oil.

Let it cool off and cut it in slices.

Mix a soft avocado with a small amount of wasabi and Japanese mayo.

Saute the asparagus with salt and pepper and toss it into the salad with the dressing.

Place the tuna on the bed of green and scoop the avocado in the center of the plate.

Dress the plate up with strawberry. You may put the remaining dressing on the side as desire.