BOSTON (WPRI) — Newly elected Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey and Lt. Gov. Kim Driscoll are continuing a tradition at the State House with the help of local students.

In order to select a portrait of a former governor to hang in each of their offices, Healey and Driscoll launched an essay contest open to all K-12 students in Massachusetts. The pair is asking students to research and highlight a former governor who inspires them.

“The State House is the people’s house, and Lieutenant Governor Driscoll and I want our future leaders to have a voice in the symbols and messages we choose to highlight,” Healey said in a news release. “This is an exciting opportunity for Massachusetts students to learn more about our state’s history and determine for themselves what makes a great leader. We can’t wait to review the submissions.”

The governor’s office said the winner of the contest will be invited to the State House to meet with Healey and Driscoll for the unveiling of the portraits.

“Governor Healey and I will be looking at these portraits every day while we are making important decisions that impact the lives of all Massachusetts residents,” Driscoll added. “Each time we see the portraits, we’ll be reminded of the lessons we learned from these student essays. We hope that all students will participate in this unique opportunity to shape our state’s future.”

The essays should be fewer than 600 words and answer the following question, according to Healey’s office: Which former Massachusetts governor inspires you the most and why should their portrait hang in the Governor or Lieutenant Governor’s office?

The essays should also include a sentence or two on how the student researched their governor of choice.

Submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27.