PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Dozens of wind turbines are being built at the Port of Providence as part of the Revolution Wind project.

State leaders celebrated the milestone in the project on a windy Monday afternoon, explaining that the project will bring 65 wind turbines to the Rhode Island coast.

Revolution Wind could become the first utility-scale offshore wind farm to bring power directly to Rhode Island.

Revolution Wind would power nearly 200,000 Rhode Island homes once it’s operational, and about 700 megawatts of power would be generated from the 65 turbines. Some of that power would also be brought to Connecticut.

Project leaders compared this one to the five-turbine Block Island wind farm, also run by Ørsted, which generated just a small fraction of that amount of power.

Monday marked a new phase for the construction of the turbines, and they’re expected to be up and turning in 2025.

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The project is first beginning on shore at the port, and it’s become the construction hub for Revolution Wind and South Fork Wind Farms, the latter of which will be closer to New York.

The companies behind the projects are Ørsted and Eversource, respectively.

Ørsted is reportedly investing $100 million to complete the Port of Providence project.

“I think these represent the first major steps in this country to catch up with the rest of the work in building green affordable energy for the masses,” said David Hardy, an Ørsted worker.

“You can build on-shore wind and solar, but only so much so the offshore wind is the real answer to the climate crisis,” Hardy added.

Not everyone is on board with the project, however. Members of the local fishing industry are pushing back as the state agency that needs to sign off on Revolution Wind is expected to vote later this month.

A scheduled vote was reportedly delayed last week because the public comment period ran too long as local fishers voiced their concerns about the farm’s potential impacts.