PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The Department of Environmental Management (DEM) announced Tuesday that it’s lifting its ban on outdoor fires at all state campgrounds, parks, and management areas.

The ban went into effect on Aug. 19 due to the extremely dry conditions created by the ongoing drought throughout the state.

A few brush fires flared up in places like Burriville in the days leading up to the ban.

Recent rainfall has decreased the risk of wildfires enough to lift the ban through at least Labor Day, according to the DEM, adding the ban may be reinstated soon after if conditions continue to worsen.

“Although weather conditions always are dynamic, Rhode Island currently is in low fire danger and DEM does not anticipate increased fire potential in the next week based on the current forecast,” said Principal Forest Ranger Ben Arnold. “We remind Rhode Islanders, however, that the state still is experiencing an extreme drought and if we see the fire danger rising, we will have to reinstitute the ban to protect life, property, and natural resources.”

As of Aug. 19, more than 70 reported wildfires have burned about 42 acres of land in Rhode Island, according to the DEM.