BOSTON (WPRI) — A new poll in Massachusetts found that residents are concerned about the impacts of climate change and supportive of policies aimed at mitigating the threat.

The results showed 48% of respondents said climate change will post a “very serious” risk to the Commonwealth if left unchecked, while 29% called it “somewhat serious.”

The poll was conducted by the MassINC Polling Group and the Boston Globe, and more than 1,800 people were surveyed.

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The poll suggested that concerns over climate change may have declined slightly since a similar Barr poll that was conducted in late 2019. In that poll, 54% of residents called climate change a “high priority,” where now it stands at 47%.

“A lot has happened since that 2019 poll: a global pandemic, a presidential election, and now a war affecting global energy prices,” said Richard Parr, research director at MassINC Polling Group. “Massachusetts residents are still worried about climate change, but other pressing concerns are weighing on them as well. News about the need to take action on climate may also be having a hard time breaking through.”

According to the poll, many residents said they are taking steps to address climate change on their own, such as recycling (79%) and adjusting thermostats to save energy (62%).

A majority also support the state requiring new and renovated buildings to use renewable power (67%), to be ready to charge electric vehicles (70%), to be fully electric (57%), and updating the state’s building codes to better account for threats from climate change (76%).

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Residents also said climate change concerns are taking an emotional toll on them, reporting feelings of anxiety, sadness, fear, anger and helplessness.

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