PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — All of Southern New England is under a Red Flag Warning and Fire Weather Watch due to the warm and dry conditions.

The R.I. Department of Emergency Management (DEM) is urging the public to be cautious and avoid outdoor burning since the conditions increase the chance of fires spreading more quickly. This means no campfires, charcoal or cooking fires, and using any devices that emit flames or embers.

Fire officials also believe many recent brush fires may have been started by improperly disposed cigarettes.

Crews are currently battling a brush fire in the woods off Fisher Street in Attleboro.

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Rhode Island has seen its fair share of brush fires in the past month, including one that burned as many as 600 acres of land in Exeter.

“The last time we had the Red Flag Warnings is when we had that large fire in Exeter, so it’s definitely a ‘watch out’ situation for the fire community right now,” DEM Forest Fire Program Manager Pat MacMeekin said.

“Being so recently that we just had large fires, having this Red Flag Warning again is putting us on a high alert absolutely,” he continued.

The DEM says if you see a brush fire to remain calm and call 911.