PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — For the third year in a row, 401Gives Day played a huge role in raising funds for local nonprofits.

The state’s largest day of giving raised about $3.1 million for more than 500 different organizations.

“Here in Little Rhody, we like to dream big and set high goals, and right now, there is more than three million dollars invested in our state’s nonprofit sector that was not there just one week ago and that is cause for celebration,” United Way of Rhode Island president and CEO Cortney Nicolato said.

“We again saw 401Gives grow significantly, but even more importantly was that Rhode Islanders had a lot of fun in doing it. The energy around the state was incredible,” she added.

The $3.1 million raised equates close to a 35% increase compared to last year’s day of giving.

The nearly 13,000 donors and more than 20,000 total gifts were record-setting, according to United Way.

United Way said since the events debut in 2020, 401Gives has raised more than $6.6 million for nonprofits in Rhode Island.

401Gives had 127 first-time nonprofit organizations to participate in 2022, raising just over $227,000. Movement Ground Farm, which received more than $24,000, raised the most out of the newcomers.

Foster Forward raised just under $210,000 while the Audubon Society of Rhode Island received close to $162,000. United Way itself received more than $88,000 in donations.

United Way said a 130 organizations topped $5,000, while 66 exceeded $10,000 and 30 raised more than $20,000.