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Renowned Cosmetics Photographer Isa Aydin Introduces Beauty Product Photography Starter Pack with Free Shipping

Thumbnail of the starter pack page

Thumbnail of the starter pack page

ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to announce the introduction of its new beauty product photography starter pack, which comes with free nationwide shipping.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, February 7, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY is pleased to announce the introduction of its new beauty product photography starter pack, which comes with complimentary nationwide shipping. The starter pack, designed to cater to businesses launching new cosmetics products, offers a savings of $990.

The starter pack includes five hero shots (eCommerce shots on a white background), five lifestyle images, five pack shots, and five videos. The package features a hand model, unlimited background options, free props, support in creating the shot list, a complimentary nationwide shipping label, a swatch/textures stylist, full professional editing, and unlimited usage rights. The pack can accommodate up to five products.

ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY uses the world's best lighting system for maximum color accuracy and precision, and all images are captured with a 45mp camera to deliver ultra-sharp images suitable for both online and print use. The studio also provides all RAW and TIFF files at no additional cost.

As a prominent nationwide provider of cosmetics and skincare photography services, the company has worked with top brands and manufacturers in the United States and has served thousands of clients over the past fifteen years. To simplify the product photography process for its customers, ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY has established partnerships with major shipping companies to provide free shipping to the studio for all orders up to 50 lbs. The company has invested over $200,000 to develop an eCommerce platform that enables clients to place orders online, track the status of their photoshoots, and ship their products with ease.

"At ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY, we are dedicated to delivering the finest beauty product photography services in the industry and continuously strive to enhance the customer experience," stated Isa Aydin, Founder of ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY. "We are appreciative of the support we have received from our clients and look forward to serving them for many more years to come."

ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY is a product photography business with over two decades of experience in the industry. Utilizing the latest technological advancements, the company offers a wide range of product photography services, including skincare, makeup, clothing, technology, and more. With its complimentary shipping, state-of-the-art eCommerce platform, and commitment to quality, ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY is poised to continue its legacy of excellence.

For more information, please visit the ISA AYDIN PHOTOGRAPHY website at https://www.isa-aydin.com

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