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3nets announces the release of X-Connect™ a secure data pipeline solution that simplifies and enables secure IT workload connectivity and data transfer across all environments

Enabling the Freedom of Data Movement is Critical to Next Generation Cloud Architectures

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 3nets, a software and solution provider, driven to assist businesses' digital transformation journey, has announced the release of X-Connect™, a secure data pipeline solution that enables secure IT workload connectivity and data transfer across all environments.

Designed to meet the evolving demands of business data needs, X-Connect presents a transformative approach to connecting all IT workload environments with unparalleled efficiency.  This innovation addresses the pressing need for rapid connectivity between IT resources, enabling customers to simplify and standardize the orchestration of secure internet based connectivity with simple point and click provisioning.

"X-Connect represents a monumental leap in data connectivity technology," said Frank Bradbury, Head of Product, at 3nets."We empower businesses to operate with unparalleled efficiency, while freeing them from the shackles of networking complexity and silo'd data repositories.  X-Connect will usher in the use of edge cloud computing, by simplifying the connectivity required between the distributed edge, simplifying and securing direct connectivity between workloads wherever they are established, while at the same time eliminating expensive cloud data transit charges."

X-Connect addresses a few of the challenges that prevent customers from operating in multiple clouds or edge cloud environments by efficiently connecting and optimizing the flow of data between all cloud environments. Existing connectivity requires customers to establish multiple point to point VPNs to connect workloads securely.  Whether it is between edge locations and the cloud, or multiple edge locations, this methodology does not scale, often requiring multiple service offerings, ultimately creating a chaotic operational environment that is inefficient and open to misconfigurations and security holes.  X-Connect™ standardizes connectivity across all environments, removes the limitations and inefficiencies of existing Managed Site to Site VPN solutions, increases throughput, standardizes security, while reducing workload to workload latency.  Additionally, all the capabilities of 3nets | CloudNavigator are provided, which includes network segmentation across these same environments.

About 3nets is a Santa Clara, CA company on a mission to accelerate the world's digital transformation.  3nets aims to unlock the full potential of edge cloud computing by simplifying today's complex multi-cloud environment and delivering value added services to enhance application and service delivery. 

3nets is Multi-cloud Networking without Borders


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