BOSTON (WPRI) — It was another turbulent weekend for JetBlue.

The airline canceled or delayed hundreds more flights at Boston Logan International Airport, once again leaving passengers stranded. According to FlightAware, 100 flights were canceled in and out of Logan between Saturday and Sunday, and the delays double that number.

Last week, JetBlue blamed the problems largely on severe weather in the south, but now the airline says the ongoing issues are due to a staffing shortage.

The company, like many businesses in a number of industries, says it’s dealing with staffing shortages. In a statement released over the weekend, the airline says the rest of April will be challenging, with small schedule adjustments planned.

The busy summer season is quickly approaching and in preparation, JetBlue says it’s already reduced its schedule from May through the end of the season, trying to plan conservatively and proactively to minimize disruptions for passengers.

At Rhode Island T.F. Green International Airport, the problems seem to be minimal. One JetBlue flight was canceled Sunday night, but everything seems to be on time for Monday.