PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WPRI) — As gas prices continue to break records, it’s also affecting prices out at sea.

Many commercial fishermen use diesel, which is currently running at more than $6.40 per gallon in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Captain James Keding says his mussel harvesting operation is taking a huge hit from fuel prices, but he says he can’t just pass the cost on to buyers because of how the wholesaler system works.

“The buyers set the price for the product it is, no matter what product is coming out of the ocean,” he said.

Lobstermen are also in a pinch. Captain Dave Hobson says he’s hoping this year’s wholesale buyer rates reflect the high fuel prices.

“It’s three times what it was last year,” he said. “I’m contemplating doing a fuel surcharge if this doesn’t straighten out. Somehow we have to cover our costs.”

They also say they have seen people tighten up their own budgets as they pay higher fuel costs too.