PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — PVDonuts, Fox Point’s beloved gourmet doughnut shop, is relocating next month.

The specialty doughnut shop announced Monday that it would be closing its Ives Street location on June 25 after more than seven years in business.

“To keep it short, we could not come to a financially sustainable agreement on a lease renewal,” a social media post explained.

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PVDonuts hasn’t said where the doughnut shop will be moving to, but did unveil a special “Farewell, Ives Street” menu. The menu includes fan favorites from over the years, including Coffee Milk, Honey Crueller, Dunkaroos, Strawberry Pop-Tart and Phish Food.

The doughnut shop has already started working on its new home and is prioritizing the kitchen to ensure that special events booked after the closing date aren’t impacted.

12 News asked PVDonuts whether the new shop would be in the capital city but has not yet heard back.