EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Calling all seafood connoisseurs!

The Rhode Island Seafood Marketing Collaborative has launched a brand new mobile app and revamped its website to provide residents and tourists alike with an abundance of information on the state’s seafood.

“From calamari to oysters to various species of finfish, Rhode Island seafood is already known around the world; what we’re trying to do is jolt interest in and demand for our seafood right here in Rhode Island,” R.I. Department of Environmental Management Director Terry Gray said.

The new app, called FishLine, will allow users to search for fresh seafood to purchase from seafood markets, farmers’ markets and restaurants. Users will also be able to buy directly from the boats of fishermen.

FishLine and the revamped SeafoodRI.com are part of an effort to boost Rhode Island’s commercial fishing and seafood industry.

“Making it easier for people to find and buy Rhode Island seafood is good for everyone,” Gov. Dan McKee said. “It supports the thousands of hard-working men and women of one of the Ocean State’s oldest industries, celebrates the restaurants and seafood dealers and food business that have made Rhode Island such a ‘foodie’ destination, and ensure a steady supply of fresh, healthy, locally caught seafood, which is a cornerstone of our state food security strategy.”

The new FishLine app and SeafoodRI.com provide over 40 restaurants, seafood markets, grocers, and direct sellers that offer local seafood, profiles about local species, and harvesters, plus cooking tips.

Direct sellers and other seafood retailers can also use the app to post updates on landings and potential sales.

The Fishline app is available for download on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.