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GE Digital signs lease for new Providence office

The Associated Press - PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP/WPRI) — General Electric has signed a lease to open a new office in downtown Providence for its GE Digital software division.

The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation had already agreed to give GE millions in tax incentives depending on how many employees they hire.

GE Digital computer programmers will be sharing the same historic building used by the newspaper. The information technology office will be on the third floor of the 1934-built Providence Journal Building on Fountain Street.

The company has agreed to lease 12,000 square feet in the Journal Building, enough to accommodate 50 employees. The lease gives GE Digital an option to expand to 20,000 square feet, enough room for 100 employees.

"This is the kind of advancing of the economy that we've been hoping for," said Stefan Pryor, Rhode Island's Secretary of Commerce.

"We've been working closely with GE digital--we the state--on finding digitally capable, digitally proficient, digitally native individuals who can do this IT work and we've been having great success," Pryor said.

GE announced in June its plans to open a Rhode Island branch office, several months after announcing it was moving its corporate headquarters to Boston from Fairfield, Connecticut. It has since opened a temporary Providence office.

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