PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Whether you like them scrambled, fried or over easy, breakfast has become costly over the last few months.

Egg prices have skyrocketed by 60% since last year, according to the Consumer Price Index, which might make shoppers think twice before buying a carton.

The price hikes can be attributed to the lingering bird flu outbreak, combined with soaring feed, fuel and labor costs.

Linda Brierly tells 12 News that, while she loves baking, she’s had to cut back due to the rising costs.

“I don’t have any eggs,” she said. “I do less baking because of the egg prices.”

The cost of eggs is not only affecting grocery shoppers. It’s also impacting the bottom lines of restaurants, bakeries and food producers.

La Salle Bakery in Providence has been hit hard by the soaring egg prices, according to owner Michael Manni.

“Eggs are in almost everything we make,” Manni said.

Manni said he’s been trying not to pass the increased cost off to their customers, but he knows he will have to raise his prices eventually.

“I don’t want to buy cheaper ingredients to not raise prices,” Manni said. “But I’m going to give you the best product, and sometimes those ingredients get really expensive.”

“We are going to have to raise prices,” he continued. “We haven’t had to do it yet, but we are going to have to just like every other business in the state in order to stay relevant.”

The national average price per carton of eggs currently sits at $4.25, which is 11% higher than last month.