(WPRI) — Chick-Fil-A is cooking up new ways to help the energy crunch.

The popular chicken restaurant chain is partnering up with Darling Ingredients, according to a press release, to turn its used cooking oil into clean-burning renewable biofuel.

“At Chick-fil-A, we are committed to caring – and that includes caring for others through our food and caring for our planet,” Rodney Bullard, vice president of corporate social responsibility for Chick-fil-A, Inc., said.

Once the oil is removed, Darling says it repurposes it at the company’s nearest biosecure processing plant

“Our innovative partnership with DAR PRO Solutions helps us be responsible stewards of the resources at our restaurants and allows us to support the future of renewable transportation fuel – all while positively influencing the communities we serve,” Bullard said.

The oil will be collected from all Chick-Fil-A restaurants across the United States and Canada.

“We admire Chick-fil-A’s commitment to reducing food waste and are proud to be part of a solution that keeps food waste out of our landfills while delivering a renewable fuel that reduces GHG emissions,” Sandra Dudley, Darling Ingredients’ executive vice president of renewables and U.S. specialty operations, said.

Darling says the finished fuel can reduce greenhouse gases by up to 85%.