EAST PROVIDENCE R.I. (WPRI) — Lori Kiley-Garcia looks forward to vacationing with her family at least once a year.

That’s why she jumped at the chance to book a round-trip flight from T.F Green International Airport to California through Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airways, which offers low-cost fares and direct flights, started flying out of T.F. Green last summer.

Kiley-Garcia tells 12 News the affordability and convenience are what convinced her and her family to take a trip to the West Coast.

“I was excited when I heard about Breeze Airways and how they had a direct flight from to LA,” Kiley-Garcia said.

But Kiley-Garcia’s hopes of a fun getaway with her family were slashed over the weekend when she received word that Breeze Airways had canceled their flight with little to no explanation.

“I felt like I had a stomach ache,” Kiley-Garcia said. “I was so nervous.”

In an attempt to rebook her flight with a local travel agency, Kiley-Garcia learned that, if she wanted to vacation in Los Angeles, she would have to pay hundreds of dollars more for an indirect flight through another airline.

Kiley-Garcia was told to go online and research when Breeze Airways would be offering flights to Los Angeles out of T.F. Green.

“When I did, there were no other flights and it said February 2023,” she recalled.

12 News reached out to Breeze Airways regarding the sudden cancelation of Kiley-Garcia’s flight.

In a statement, a spokesperson said the company was forced to adjust its summer flight schedule due to limited staffing and supply chain issues.

The flights from Rhode Island to California were supposed to be offered seasonally, twice a week from June to September.

The spokesperson said the airline is planning to relaunch the same flights starting next year.

While Kiley-Garcia was able to rebook her flight through a different airline, one of her friends wasn’t able to.

“My friend from California was going to come to Rhode Island and do the same thing [later in the year],” Kiley-Garcia said. “I told her about Breeze and she’s really upset … she can’t afford to pay extra so she’s not even going to come.”

Gov. Dan McKee believes this is a sign of the times, considering all of the other issues airlines are currently facing.

“We expect to be expanding with Breeze and will be talking to them about how we’re going to make it happen,” McKee said.

Those who booked flights to Los Angeles this year will receive a full refund, according to the spokesperson, and will receive 10,000 Breeze points for the inconvenience.

Kiley-Garcia tells 12 News she has yet to receive that refund.