PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Scammers are often one step ahead of their potential victims, which is why the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging everyone to remain vigilant.

There are a number of common scams circulating currently that the BBB said everyone should be cognizant of.

The first is a weight loss scam that gained popularity at the beginning of year. The BBB said often times, the products advertised don’t work.

BBB’s Paula Fleming said the free trials offered, once they expire, could become costly.

“You want to make sure you’re really reading the fine print to find out what really is included in the so-called free trial,” Fleming said.

Fleming said those considering taking advantage of a weight loss product or free trial should do their research before committing to it.

Another scam to look out for, according to Fleming, is an employment scam where phony companies request money up front.

“If there is a job opportunity that requires a payment from you up front for training fees or applications, it’s a huge red flag,” she said.

Scammers are also taking advantage of the rise in cannabis dispensaries, especially in states where it’s legal both recreationally and medicinally.

Fleming said the scam typically involves home delivery. She suggested potential customers contact the dispensary by phone and confirm the business is legitimate and ask whether home delivery is an option.

“They insist that the extra money may cover additional gas expenses the fee is typically a few hundred dollars, and they say they’re going to refund you,” she explained.

Fleming recommends everyone do their researching before submitting their personal information to any website.