PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — CVS Health has rolled out time delay safe technology in hundreds of its pharmacies nationwide.

The time delay safes were installed in 800 pharmacies across 13 states, according to CVS Health. Of those pharmacies, CVS Health said 66 are in Rhode Island.

The Woonsocket-based company has been installing time delay safes in its pharmacies since 2015 in an effort to prevent robberies of controlled substances, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone.

With this latest rollout, CVS Health said there are now time delay safes in pharmacies across 45 states.

The technology is designed to electronically delay the time it takes pharmacy employees to open the safe.

“Supporting law enforcement efforts in their battle against organized retail crime remains a key focus for our company,” CVS Health’s Thomas Moriarty said. “Criminal activities that organized retail crime rings fund are a clear danger to our communities, so it is important that retailers, law enforcement and political leaders work together to solve this problem.”

“Time delay safes can help reduce the theft and diversion of prescription medications and bring added security to our stores which creates a safer environment for our customers, colleagues and communities,” he continued.

The time delay can’t be overridden and should, in theory, deter would-be pharmacy robbers who are looking to get in and out as quickly as possible, according to CVS Health.

Over the last seven years, the company has seen a 50% decline in robberies in communities where its pharmacies are equipped with time delay safes.