PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The capital city’s automated speed cameras will power back up on Monday as students head back to school.

There will also be six new cameras in the capital city this year, according to Lindsay Lague, a spokesperson for the Providence Police Department.

The new locations include:

  • Douglas Avenue near Times Squared Academy
  • Thurber’s Avenue near Juanita Sanchez High School
  • Blackstone Boulevard near Lincoln School
  • Plainfield Street near Laurel Hill Annex Elementary
  • Hope Street near Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary
  • Bridgham Street near Central High School

Speed cameras in East Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls are scheduled to reactivate on Wednesday.

“We want everyone to slow down in our school zone so we can keep them as safe as possible for our children,” East Providence Police Chief Christopher Francesconi said. “Just be aware of your surroundings and really get back into the habit of expecting children and being really be aware of that … and really watch your speed, one of the biggest complaints we receive through the city from our residents is speeding.”

If you’re caught on camera going over the speed limit, you’ll receive a $50 ticket in the mail. There are typically several visible signs warning drivers of where the school zones are.

“I think once people start to see the kids out and about on a regular basis, hopefully, that’ll kind of change their mindset,” Pawtucket Police Chief Tina Goncalves said. “Like ‘OK, school’s in session, so there is a lot more pedestrian traffic and I have to be a little more cautious.'”