EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — This week, students in East Providence will walk through the doors of their brand new high school building for the first time.

When school begins on Thursday, students will be learning in a state-of-the-art facility.

“The status is on time and under budget,” Mayor Bob DaSilva said. “We’re very excited kids will be starting school.”

The former high school was built in 1952 and more recently deemed one of the lowest-quality high school buildings in the state.

“I think they should be very proud and happy that their students are going to have a first-rate facility, with first-rate educators in place,” DaSilva added.

Those educators will be teaching everything from English and science to hands-on training in the trades like carpentry and farming.

“There’s no stigma. Everyone’s in it together,” DaSilva said. “If you’re taking Algebra 3 or you’re taking advanced calculus, but you also want to take electrical classes and learn about wiring and stuff, that possibility exists.”

With the new building comes new learning opportunities that were not available before.

“We have science rooms, we have an agricultural room, we have a grow house, we have an actual rescue, a mock-up emergency response vehicle, a rescue so that students learn to be EMTs,” DaSilva explained. “You’re going to be able to come out of East Providence High School and find gainful employment right away.”

The school upgrade is also spurring growth for the city, according to DaSilva. He said people are looking to move into East Providence because of the new facility.

“When you hear about ‘homes don’t stay long on the market in East Providence,’ it’s because young families are starting to move in because they see this is potential for their kids to someday go to that school,” he said.

Since the building is new to all, DaSilva said all students, class by class, will have a chance to get familiar with the building and figure out where things are located.