EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — The start of the school year isn’t just exciting for children, it’s also exciting for parents as well.

That’s why the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning parents to be cautious when sharing back-to-school photos of their children on social media.

The social media trend typically involves a child holding a back-to-school sign with their full name and grade, among other personal information.

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The BBB recommends parents avoid including their child’s age, weight, height and school on the signs. By sharing their child’s personal information, parents could unknowingly make them a target for scammers and predators.

Parents should also consider checking their social media accounts’ privacy settings and be mindful of who can view their posts.

The BBB warned parents not to accept friend requests from strangers and to think twice before accepting a friend request from someone you are already connected with.