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Torrance ‘Torry’ Gaucher joined WPRI-12 & FOX Providence in June of 2019. A Rhode Island native, he is excited to call the Ocean State home once more. Torry grew up in northwest Rhode Island in the village of Harrisville, a subsection of Burrillville. He is an alumn of Burrillville High School. Torry received his B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences with a concentration in broadcast meteorology and an A.S. in Television News Studies from Lyndon State College (now Northern Vermont University at Lyndon) in Vermont’s stunning ‘Northeast Kingdom’. 

Torry got his start at KIEM News Channel 3 in Eureka, California, where he was the chief meteorologist and station scientist. While his time in California was brief, Torry tracked soaking storms that caused flooding across most of the region courtesy of the ‘Pineapple Express’ a weather feature that transports tropical moisture from the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific Northwest. 

Recently, Torry has spent the last four years working as a weekend meteorologist and environmental reporter at our sister stations WVNY/WFFF in Burlington, Vermont. Torry found the weather in Northern New England to be more active than the west coast. There he was able to track severe thunderstorms and tornadoes and report on the damage the storm caused. One story that sticks out in Torry’s mind occurred May 2017, a microburst below a lake cottage off its foundation, landing upside down with the occupant still inside. Fortunately, she and her dog survived with nothing more than a scratch and bruise. By far the biggest storm Torry has covered with the ‘Pie Day Blizzard’. That snowstorm canceled his vacation to sunny Miami and left him reporting in FEET of snow! Storm totals totaled up to 32″ of snow.  

Now Torry is back in Rhode Island working as a digital multimedia journalist, with a focus on providing high-quality content to & Eyewitness News.

Outside of work you will find Torry spending his time reconnecting with his family, either by the lake or the ocean. 

He lives in Cumberland with his partner Jared and English Bulldog Frank. 

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