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Pump up your summer fitness at home


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Cranston native, Angela Gargano – a finalist in Women’s Health magazine’s 5th annual Search for the Next Fitness Star – returned to “The Rhode Show” on Tuesday morning, to share some simple exercises that can be done at home, to get a pull up done with ease.

Angela explained that it’s “a PULL up – which means you need to work on the PULLING motions that your body will be using in order to get it!”

She showed Will and Brendan a few things they could do if without a pull-up bar at home. Small bands and bands with handles were needed for some of these exercises:

1)    Band-Over Unders

2)    Plank hold compressions

3)    Band Rows

4)    Partner Lat Band Pulls

“The first step of actually progression into a real pull up is being able to literally hang on to the bar,” Angela explained. “Go to a park and practice hanging for as long as you can! Try and increase each time.”

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