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Your local news in the palm of your hand. The WPRI mobile app brings you all the top stories from our daily broadcasts, as well as stories developing in real time.

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New and updated! Special features include:

  • Local News: Regional coverage on a variety of topics
  • On-demand video: Catch 12 News reports anytime
  • Customized notification settings for breaking news – select topics that matter to you
  • Personalized weather: Plan your day with local forecasts and radar
  • Share easily via text, or to social networks like Facebook and Twitter

ALSO: WPRI Pinpoint Weather 12 App

Customize Your Notifications: Choose which 12 News topics you want to be alerted about »

Get App Notifications: With the WPRI 12 mobile apps, you’ll not only be in the know, but you can also personalize your experience. The 12 News app allows you to choose which topics you want to notified about, from breaking news to exclusive Target 12 Investigations and special reports. Our Pinpoint Weather 12 app is also customizable in that you can receive weather alerts based on where you are or where your home is located.

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