WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Andrew Tweedie relies on his electric vehicle to get around.

But for the past few months, fully charging his SUV has become quite the headache.

The state operates 40 charging stations across the state, but only four of them are DC fast chargers.

12 Responds recently learned three of those four fast chargers have been broken for some time.

“The chargers have been off since the end of October,” Tweetie estimated.

DC fast chargers can add 60 to 80 miles when a vehicle is charged for an hour. However, Tweetie has had to either charge his car at home or use the Level 2 chargers.

Those chargers, while much more abundant, take much longer to fully charge a an electric vehicle.

Here is a map of all of the state-owned electric vehicle charging stations.

“There are a lot of people who are trying to come here and charge and you can’t,” Tweetie said, gesturing to two of the broken fast chargers.

12 Responds reached out to the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources regarding the chargers to which a spokesperson confirmed there are two DC fast chargers located in Warwick.

The spokesperson said that, while one of the chargers needs coolant and the other needs a replacement plug, both can still be used.

However, the spokesperson warned drivers to expect a slower charge.

The other two chargers are located in Hopkinton, one of which needs a power module replacement.

The spokesperson said vehicles can still charge at that station as well.

With more electric vehicles on the road, Tweetie believes the state should be making fast charging stations more abundant.

“A lot of people depend on these,” he said, adding that those who live in apartments can’t charge their vehicles at home.

The spokesperson said technicians will be out sometime next week to repair the broken fast chargers.