COVENTRY, R.I. (WPRI) — When Kathy Metcalf noticed her mailbox was knocked over back in July, she immediately pulled up her home surveillance footage to find out what had happened.

She was shocked when she saw a construction truck backing up in front of her house and clipping her mailbox before driving away.

The surveillance footage shows Metcalf’s mail falling to the ground as the wooden post gives way.

“Our mailbox post is destroyed and there’s nothing we could do,” she said.

Thankfully, Metcalf’s son provided her with a temporary fix.

“My husband and I are older, he can’t even walk, so my son put up a couple of extra pieces of wood [to secure it],” she explained.

Metcalf said the truck belonged to the Cardi Corporation, which was repaving her road that day. She contacted the company right after it happened, and after three months realized she wasn’t getting anywhere.

“We would like to have our mailbox and the post replaced, that’s all we are asking for,” she said.

(Courtesy: Kathy Metcalf)

Metcalf turned to 12 Responds in hopes that the issue would be remedied quickly.

12 Responds reached out to Cardi Corporation last week regarding Metcalf’s mailbox but never heard back.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning, when Cardi Corporation paid Metcalf a visit and repaired her mailbox.

12 Responds attempted to contact Cardi Corporation again upon learning the mailbox had been repaired, but has yet to receive a response.

Regardless, Metcalf said she’s thankful the issue has been resolved.