WPRI 12 is here for you during these unprecedented times. We’re still delivering the critical news and information you need and depend on, but we’ve also dedicated our team to serve you more directly. Our 12 Responds initiative is set up to help you navigate our community’s coronavirus concerns, get you answers on critical health and financial questions, and help with consumer problems.

12 Responds: We’ve already answered many of your health, financial, and consumer questions–find answers here

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COVID-19 Tracking: Maps, Charts, Interactive Data | Projection Models | Find a Testing Site Near You | School Updates | Latest Headlines

RI Coronavirus Hotline: (401) 222-8022 | Work-Related Questions: (401) 462-2020 | Mental Health Assistance: (401) 414-5465

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RI rental relief program has helped 50+ families since its launch

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