Summertime in Southern New England is all about of soaking up the sun at the beach or by the pool, grabbing a bite at your favorite restaurant, and visiting all kinds of attractions — but each of those things can be impacted by the weather.

While 12 News’ team of meteorologists works day in and day out to keep you informed about the weather, for our latest 12 on 12 Digital Original, they take a closer look at some of the more severe conditions summer can throw our way and answer your questions about the weather.

In this 12 on 12: Answering Your Summer Weather Questions | Exploring Summer Threats | Summer Weather Resources

Watch: Answering Your Summer Weather Questions

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Weather Week: Exploring Summer Threats

Summer Weather Resources

When inclement weather is on the way, it’s important to be aware — not just for your summer plans, but potentially for your safety as well.

While our 12 News and Pinpoint Weather Apps give you the alerts you need to stay in the know, there’s also a variety of resources available on both the apps and


Meteorologists – Tony Petrarca and Michelle Muscatello
Executive Producer – Shaun Towne
Photographers/Editors – Nick Blair
Graphic Designer – Lisa Mandarini
Special Thanks – Jen Quinn, Eric Krause, Susan Tracy-Durant, Karen Rezendes

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