Rhode Island is the Ocean State and Narragansett Bay is at its heart and soul. Along with memorable summers, the bay is a big part of the state’s history and economy. But from pollution to oil spills and climate change, Narragansett Bay has had and continues to have its challenges. What does the future hold for this iconic body of water?

In this 12 on 12 Digital Original, Pinpoint Weather 12 Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo – with help from Sky Drone 12 – takes an in-depth look at how the bay is doing now and what its future may look like.

THE ELEMENTS: Part I: Our Most Valuable Asset | Part II: The Climate Challenge | Interactive Map | Bay Timeline | Test Your Knowledge | Share Your Favorite Bay Spots | Sky Drone 12: Photo Gallery | 360º Views

STATE OF THE BAY (PART I): Our Most Valuable Asset

STATE OF THE BAY (PART II): The Climate Challenge

INTERACTIVE MAP: Explore Narragansett Bay with Sky Drone 12

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TIMELINE: History of Narragansett Bay

QUIZ: Test Your Bay Knowledge

BEHIND THE SCENES: Launching Sky Drone 12

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STATE OF THE BAY 360: Interactive VR view from Sky Drone 12

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STATE OF THE BAY 360: Interactive scenes above the bay in 360 degree VR view

BAY SPOTS: Show and share with us your favorite location on or around the bay

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BAY FACTS: Environmental Health of the Narragansett Bay


Rhode Island has several local organizations that work to preserve and protect our most valuable asset — Narragansett Bay:


Executive Producer/Reporter/Editor – T.J. Del Santo
Chief Photojournalist/Editor – Jim Hughes
Graphic Designer – Lisa Mandarini
Digital Content Producers – Nick Blair, Lee Dooley & Shaun Towne
Special Thanks –
James Bartone, Susan Tracy-Durant, Beth Fernandes, Karen Rezendes

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