Sharks — they’re the most feared predators in the ocean and the antagonists of many horror stories. But they’re also misunderstood.

Pinpoint Weather 12 Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo and Digital Reporter Adriana Rozas Rivera teamed up with some of Rhode Island’s top experts to track down sharks, learn more about them, and demystify these wonders of the deep.

In the videos below, you’ll see where tagged sharks are showing up in our local waters, how technology is being used to keep beachgoers safe, and how research informs conservation efforts. Plus, local students get the opportunity to see sharks up close, and you can test your knowledge and track sharks for yourself.

In this 12 on 12: Shark Tagging 401 🦈 Mako Mission 🦈 Shark Patrol 🦈 ‘The Ferrari of the Ocean’ 🦈 Inside the Belly of the Beast 🦈 Shark Camp 🦈 Shark Quiz 🦈Track Sharks in Real Time 🦈 Reading & Resources 🦈 Photos

Shark Tagging 401

We go out in search of the ocean’s most feared animal: sharks. Join our crew as they comb Rhode Island waters in the hopes of spotting a fin.

All of the sharks caught for research are tagged and safely released.

Mako Mission

Researchers from URI use satellite technology and cameras strapped to the dorsal fin of mako sharks to track them as far as 20,000 miles across the ocean. Join their quest to catch the fastest shark in the ocean — and see its notorious cousin pay the team a visit.

Shark Patrol

What happens if a shark is spotted at a Rhode Island beach? We talk to the man behind the state’s shark protocol, and Sky Drone 12 shows you how a shark sighting at a Charlestown beach inspired them to take safety to new heights.

“The Ferrari of the Ocean”

Mako sharks are the fastest species of shark in the ocean. They’ve been clocked going as fast as 46 mph. But their population numbers have dangerously declined and a new fishing ban aims to help save them.

Inside the Belly of the Beast

Sharks are an important part of fisheries, and studying their ages and diets is crucial to managing them. We bring you inside the NOAA Apex Predators lab as researchers get up close and personal with different species.

Shark Camp

URI’s shark-infested fishing camp brings Providence high school students face to face with sharks. Join their classroom aboard the Cap’N Bert to see what they reeled in.

Shark Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Track sharks in real time with the Sharktivity Shark Tracker

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy has a free app to see where tagged and spotted sharks are roaming our coastline in real-time.

Further Reading & Resources

🦈 National Park Service: Shark Smart Tips

🦈 Shark or sunfish? How you can spot the difference

🦈 Ocean, Bay & Beach: Current conditions, closings and more

🦈 Shark sighting closes Westport beach

🦈 New York Times: Fear on Cape Cod as sharks hunt again

🦈 App provides verified sightings of sharks off New England

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Reporters/Editors – T.J. Del Santo and Adriana Rozas Rivera
Executive Producers – Shaun Towne, Jen Quinn, Lee Dooley
Graphic Designer – Lisa Mandarini
Special Thanks – Nick Blair, Ryan Welch, Michaela Burns, Susan Tracy-Durant, Karen Rezendes

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