This month, 12 News is honoring Black history and the Rhode Islanders who have contributed to it.

In our latest 12 on 12 Digital Original, you’ll see how one of the country’s oldest Black churches has thrived for more than two centuries, meet the first woman of color to lead the Rhode Island Department of Health, and look back at Rhode Island’s role in the Underground Railroad with a family who has a direct link to that piece of history.

Plus – local community leaders joined us for Diverse Discussions on what has and hasn’t changed in the two years since the death of George Floyd, from racial equality to access to affordable housing and health care.

In this 12 on 12: Honoring Black History: Mind Body Soul | Diverse Discussions | Underground Railroad in RI | Congdon Street Baptist Church | Interview: Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott

Honoring Black History: Mind Body Soul

Diverse Discussions: What has (and hasn’t) changed since the death of George Floyd?

Honoring Black History: RI’s role in the Underground Railroad

Honoring Black History: Congdon Street Baptist Church

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Honoring Black History: Former RI Health Director Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott

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