They were the “combat con artists” of World War II: a top secret, first-of-its-kind Army unit who used the art of deception to aid the Allies and save thousands of lives.

From inflatable tanks and vehicles to fake radio traffic and sound effects, this group of soldiers was able to simulate whole divisions as a way to fool the Axis powers in Europe.

But, for decades, few knew of their heroic exploits since the records remained classified until the mid-90s.

In our latest 12 on 12 Digital Original, Kait Walsh shares the story of the Ghost Army, showing you how they operated, their connections to Rhode Island, and why they’re being honored today.

In this 12 on 12: The story of the Ghost Army | Photo Gallery | How the unit was formed | Who was involved? | Why they’re finally being honored | See their artwork | Further Reading/Viewing

Watch: The story of the Ghost Army

Photo Gallery: Ghost Army

Watch: How the Ghost Army was formed

Watch: Who was in the Ghost Army?

Watch: Ghost Army (finally) honored

Watch: The art of the Ghost Army

Learn More

Ghost Army Legacy Project: A nonprofit created to preserve and honor the soldiers’ legacy.

Ghost Army Gold Medal Celebration: Watch a recording of the live-streamed event.

Ghost Army on Facebook: Follow the Legacy Project’s efforts.

The Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection: Artwork from six Ghost Army members is on display.

Woonsocket Historical Images Database: See photos of the Alice Mill, where the inflatable tanks were made.


Reporter – Kait Walsh
Photographers/Editors – Justin White, Johnny Villella, Nick Blair
Executive Producers – Shaun Towne, Jen Quinn
Graphic Designer – Lisa Mandarini
Special Thanks – Michaela Burns, Lee Dooley, Susan Tracy-Durant, Karen Rezendes

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