From thunderstorms to flash flooding to heat waves, the summer season can bring a variety of severe weather to Southern New England. In our latest 12 on 12 Digital Original, the Pinpoint Weather Team gives you an in-depth look at some of those threats to help make sure you’re prepared.

In this 12 on 12: Rip Currents | Severe Thunderstorms | Lightning | Flash Floods | Hurricanes | Beach and Boating | Answering Your Questions | Pinpoint Weather App Walk-Through | Download the App

Summer Weather Threats: Rip Currents

Swimming at the beach is a lot of fun but can be dangerous when there’s an elevated risk of rip currents. Read More »

Storm Ready: How to Spot and Escape from a Rip Current | Ocean, Bay and Beach Resources

Summer Weather Threats: Severe Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are a common threat throughout the summer, but what does it mean when one is classified as “severe?” Read More »

Storm Ready: Thunderstorm Safety | Tornadoes and Straight-Line Winds | Pet Preparations

Interactive Radar

Interactive radar is the best way to find out if inclement weather is on the way. Hit the play button to see the radar loop in action, or select Layers to add or remove different overlays on the map.

Track the Weather: Interactive Radar on | On the Pinpoint Weather App

Summer Weather Threats: Lightning

If you’re outside and you hear thunder, you’re at risk of being struck by lightning, even if it appears far away. That’s why the National Weather Service warns: when thunder roars, go indoors. Read More »

Storm Ready: How to Avoid Being Hit by Lightning

Summer Weather Threats: Flash Floods

Flash floods can quickly turn a road into a river, which can damage one of your most valuable possessions. Read More »

Storm Ready: Flooding and Flash Flood Safety | Flood Insurance Guide

Summer Weather Threats: Hurricanes

The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season is underway but doesn’t peak until August and September, so there’s still time to prepare. Read More »

Storm Ready: Interactive Hurricane Tracker | What to Include in a Disaster Kit | Evacuation Procedures | Boat Preparations

Beach and Boating

Summer in the Ocean State means a lot of time spent at the beach and on the water. Whether you’re getting ready to head to the coast or already there, get accurate, up-to-date coastal and marine information on Read More »

Ocean, Bay & Beach: Forecast | Tides | Waves | Winds | Live Cams | Alerts

Answering Your Summer Weather Questions

Pinpoint Weather 12 Links
Detailed 7-Day Forecast | Weather Now | Radar | Hour-by-Hour | Ocean, Bay & Beach | Solar Report | Pinpoint Traffic | Flight Tracker | Active Weather Alerts | Closings & Delays | Power Outages | Get the Weather App

How the Pinpoint Weather App Keeps You Informed

When severe weather strikes, it’s crucial to be in the know. The Pinpoint Weather App has the information you need, including daily and hourly forecasts, radar and the current conditions, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Download the Pinpoint Weather App »
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Reporters – Meteorologists Pete Mangione, Tony Petrarca, Michelle Muscatello, T.J. Del Santo, Steven Matregrano
Executive Producers – Pete Mangione, Jen Quinn
Photographers/Editors – Merrill Sampson, Jim Hughes, Scott Del Sole
Graphic Designer – Lisa Mandarini
Digital Content Producer – Shaun Towne
Special Thanks –Nicholas Blair, Lee Dooley, James Bartone, Susan Tracy-Durant, Beth Fernandes, Karen Rezendes

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