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The opioid epidemic is an ongoing problem in Southern New England that health officials say was made worse by the pandemic.

No matter the substance or source of the addiction — help is available for those who need it.

In this 12 on 12 Digital Original, 12 News reporter Courtney Carter connects with a man who once struggled with addiction and now runs a recovery center in Providence where people can go to get better.

Summertime in Southern New England is all about of soaking up the sun at the beach or by the pool, grabbing a bite at your favorite restaurant, and visiting all kinds of attractions — but each of those things can be impacted by the weather.

While 12 News’ team of meteorologists works day in and day out to keep you informed about the weather, for our latest 12 on 12 Digital Original, they take a closer look at some of the more severe conditions summer can throw our way and answer your questions about the weather.

In this 12 on 12: Answering Your Summer Weather Questions | Exploring Summer Threats | Summer Weather Resources

Used by police departments across the country, body-worn cameras have frequently been front and center in the news. Soon, officers all around Rhode Island will be equipped with the devices, including state police, who just tested their use through a pilot program.

In this 12 on 12 Digital Original, Target 12 Investigator Tim White sits down with Col. James Manni, superintendent of the R.I. State Police, who discusses what went right and what went wrong with the pilot program, outlines the plan for the cameras, and addresses troopers’ concerns.

In this 12 on 12: See what state police learned from their pilot program and where your local department stands

For 50 years, the Pawtucket Red Sox called it home, many Major League players graced its field, and families experienced unforgettable moments.

In this 12 on 12 Digital Original, relive the memories, the history and the magic that made McCoy Stadium the place to be.

In this 12 on 12: Memories of McCoy | Photos: McCoy Stadium Through the Years | Big Leaguers in Pawtucket | Share Your Memories of McCoy

The War on Alzheimer’s is a battle being waged on several fronts. Millions of Americans are living with it, fifty-four thousand Rhode Islanders are caring for someone with this memory robbing disease, and the medical and research community is on the verge of breakthroughs.

In this award-winning 12 on 12 Digital Original, Mike Montecalvo introduces you to some of those affected by Alzheimer’s and a local doctor who’s hopeful that a cure will be found.

In This 12 on 12: The War on Alzheimer’s | Meet the Warriors | In-Depth with Dr. Salloway | Resources & Links

Rhode Island is the Ocean State and Narragansett Bay is at its heart and soul. Along with memorable summers, the bay is a big part of the state’s history and economy. But from pollution to oil spills and climate change, Narragansett Bay has had and continues to have its challenges. What does the future hold for this iconic body of water?

In this award-winning 12 on 12 Digital Original, Pinpoint Weather 12 Meteorologist T.J. Del Santo – with help from Sky Drone 12 – takes an in-depth look at how the bay is doing now and what its future may look like.

Watch Part 2 and learn more here »

The Mafia Tapes: 12 on 12 Digital Original only on WPRI.com

Oct. 29, 1989: A secret recording captured inside a Massachusetts home changed organized crime forever. Four members of the Patriarca crime family took the oath of secrecy to join the crime family. Little did they know that the FBI was secretly recording the whole thing.

In this award-winning 12 on 12 Digital Original, Target 12 Investigator Tim White goes in-depth on this incredible moment in mob history, 30 years to the day of the now-infamous mob induction ceremony. An FBI agent assigned to the case speaks publicly for the first time, and we reveal what happened to the four men who swore a secret oath to La Costa Nostra.

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