Tips for preventing Lyme Disease

The cases of Lyme in the US doubled between 2001 and 2016, with 96% of the victims residing in 15 States and most recently, Lyme has been reported in Canada. A shocking 75% of cases of Lyme are contracted from ticks in your backyard. The good news is simple steps can be taken to reduce the chance of contracting Lyme.

Six Things You Don’t Know About Ticks That Could Prevent You from Getting Lyme:

  1. People are exposed to ticks in their backyards, accounting for 75% of the cases of Lyme, and people who live in wooded areas are most at risk. Ticks do not live in your lawn; they prefer the shady areas where there is longer brush and damp leaf piles.
  2. Ticks go through four life stages: egg, larval, nymphal and adult. They live for two years and can be active year-round if the weather is over 40 degrees. Nymphal ticks, not adult ticks, infect the majority of people with Lyme disease. These tiny pests are most active in May, June and July.
  3. It’s not just people that need to be protected. Family pets, especially dogs, can contract Lyme so be sure to use a vet approved product such as K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Treatment. By mindful that pets also bring these blood suckers into your home.
  4. Although deer do carry ticks, there is a much smaller culprit when it comes to spreading ticks in your yard. The white footed mouse is the top carrier of the specific tick that carries Lyme. By using Tick Tubes in your yard, you can kill ticks in t mice dens where they nest.
  5. Because Nymphal ticks are only the size of a poppy seed and are hard to detect, it’s important to treat your yard and not put play structures in shady, high grass areas where ticks live.
  6. Adult ticks are active in the fall and spraying can be the best way to rid your yard of the larger ticks. While spraying your yard yourself is helpful, it is not nearly as effective as a commercial sprayer that has much more power and the ability to get under the brush and in the places around your yard where ticks live.
  7. Creating a barrier around your yard with mulch or small stones helps keep ticks out of the play area for kids and pets as they do not like to cross over these barriers.

So what can you do?

Take action in the spring to kill nymphal ticks. DIY sprays don’t reach down into leaf litter. Call a professional pest control service, such as Mosquito Squad, who has commercial equipment to spray your yard. There is no ONE silver bullet to kill ticks. A comprehensive program that includes cleaning up your yard, putting down a tick barrier such as mulch or stones and commercially spraying and using Tick Control Tubes covers all your bases.

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